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Q Catch 8600 Cattle Crush

Wise Agriculture is a dealer of Arrowquip cattle handling equipment, servicing farmers in the UK. The North American manufacturer combines animal behaviour research with on-farm practicality for the most efficient, safest and best built cattle crushes, cattle races and handling equipment on the market.

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JH&D Wise undertake harvest and cultivation work for local farmers, providing modern machinery and attention to detail.

Please get in touch if you have hay or straw for sale in the swath.



Farming has formed the heart of the business for four generations. Operating on two holdings in County Durham and North Yorkshire, the family farms over predominantly arable ground, growing wheat, winter and spring barley, spring beans and temporary grass leys.

During the winter, upwards of 1,000 store lambs are grazed on stubble turnips as part of the arable rotation. The farm also specialises in finishing store cattle (mainly bulls) on a barley-based diet.

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Carlton Park
Aldbrough St John
North Yorkshire
DL11 7AF
+44 (0)7849 072493